C. Isa Lausas is a Finno-French visual artist and a poet. After a worldwide journey, she has settled in Montreal, Canada, where she currently works and lives.


MFA in Writing, University of Saskatchewan [Saskatoon, Canada]
DNAP (photography), ESADMM - [Marseille, France]

CV available upon request in French or English


Through a collection of visual fragments of life, my aim is to capture what I define as visual enigmas linked to intimacy and memory. These puzzling images are conceived almost as poems or paintings, and created through a game of observation, collection, staging and mounting. They stand on the border of individual and collective existence, which involves a part of involuntary speculation with a questionable veracity that remains floating.

The singularity of this inbetween state is denoted by an intriguing silence, fragility, and a deliberate ambiguity in the presentation of situations. My will is to provoke a slightly disturbing feeling that challenges the double reality in everyone’s life, between an internal universe and a shared world. The strange but attractive atmospheres and details in my images seek to transcend understanding and act as cognitive testimonies creating a personal mythology, which can be approached by anyone in the contemporary world.

My work is inspired by encounters, discoveries of other people's universes, things that are usually ignored and the unknown in general. The mesh of elements from different time periods and cultures, the transformation and reappropriation of everyday life, arouses intrigue and tries to give visibility to a border which is usually hidden or unobservable.